We have two litters!


patellas tested


about us:

There was already a Bully in our house with garden in the 13th district of Vienna 20 years ago. In 1994 our mother and grandmother "Susn" came to us, this was our start of breeding French Bulldogs. 


We do very well at shows. Susn is Austrian Juniorchampion and has won various CACīs and CACIBīs. Susn had two litters before she retired. Her daughter Julia had one litter. Kira was the most succesful bitch in Austria. She has a superb temperament. Her daughter Stefanie and her son Sokrates are also Champions already. Stefanie has had two litters and her older kids are doing fine at the shows right now. Our puppies grow up in the house and garden. We really like to play in the water, swimming and diving (!) is really great and we also like to travel. We are all checked for patellas.


We are planing a litter!


Visitors are very welcome after appointment.